The ongoing project of Dhurmus Suntali Foundation (DSF) "Re-building Musahar Basti" has received major boost as an organization of Nepalese from Minnesota, USA has helped the foundation with a massive grant of 2 crore Nepalese rupees 10 days before the completion of project. After hearing the news of financial crisis that the foundation was going through, Association of Nepalese in Minnesota (ANM) took the ambitious step of providing the help.



Board members of the association, Anil Rayamajhi and Sweetie Singh Shrestha came directly in the project site all the way from USA, and handed the donation amount to Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation's chairman Sitaram Kattel. Rayamajhi praised the work of the foundation and said the houses were really amazing and model indeed. Talking to the press, Rayamajhi said the association is inspired from the work of the Dhurmus-Suntali and are very delighted to help the foundation. He further said, in order to properly utilize such a big fund, Dhurmus Suntali Foundation was the best choice.



The representatives of the association said they were willing to help the foundation even at the time when they built 65 houses in Giranchour, Sindupalchowk. Unfortunately, the foundation had stopped receiving the donation, by the time association decided to donate them. Nevertheless, they are now happy for being part of this ambitious project. They further said that they are always ready to help the foundation in any of their projects and requested every association, groups and society to trust and believe in the foundation. The association has been providing funds to different organizations in Nepal after post earthquake from the funds they have collected. However as per the agreement between the foundation and the association, the foundation shall provide 1900 zinc sheets (Jasta Paata) to the village of Kusunde in Gorkha worthy 25 lakh Nepalese rupees.


"We are always ready to help Dhurmus Suntali Foundation", said Sweetie Shrestha representing ANM. "Even though raising the fund was not so hard, however the decision over handing the right organization was a tough one. And now we are glad that we gave it Dhurmus Suntali Foundation who would utilize it for noble cause". She motivated the foundation to keep on doing great works and congratulated for what they have achieved so far.



Meanwhile Mr. Sitaram Kattel expressed his gratitude to the association and said it has provided extra boost and motivation to the foundation. "Receiving such a great help 10 days before the completion of the project was beyond our expectation" said Mr. Kattel. "When you are in right path, you always have a support" quoted Mr. Kattel. He further announced that the foundation has now reached the fund limit.



Association of Nepalese in Minnesota was established back in 2003 by a group of Nepalese residing in Minnesota, USA, so as to preserve and develop Nepalese art and culture. The association has been continuously helping the earthquake victims recently. They have significantly helped Red Cross, Health Care and even played vital role in construction of a school in Dhading.


This coordination between ANM and DSF for sure dictates a great sign of unity and harmony among Nepalese people.