Audience gifted with film 'light' Gift on birthday (Video)

Comedian Sitaram Kattel (dhurmusa) take the occasion of the birth of a child-friendly film "Light" has been made public. Girancaura onto busy settlement construction as a gift on the occasion of his birth to the day of the film was made public. Secretaries of various ministries in the presence of the film has been a special show.

The movie was the first child-friendly municipality in Nawalparasi Nepal Ilam "light" has stressed the need for the friendly local autonomous rule. Child rights and child-friendly society to bring the country's development cooperation covers "light" is directed by suntalile to dhurmusa. Deepak Acharya Construction of writing this short film dhurmusa best suntalisamgai Yemen, firm Poudel, Sangam Bista, continuity officer, Bipana Sharma, is acting.

Sannghiya Affairs and the Ministry of Local Development for the construction of the light dhurmusa Suntali UNICEF has constructed the foundation. Comedy film that covers food and manoranjanasamgai child rights foundation president Sitaram Executive Committee informed.