Information on Proposed Project:

Name of Country: Nepal 
Area : Sports
Project Title :  Gautam Buddha Intenational Cricket Stadium
Coordinating Organization: Dhurmus Suntali Foundation
Location: As per decision
Time frame : Two year
Project Starting Date : ..../...../.....


History of Cricket

Today cricket is most played group game at pitch in open space with Bat and ball. Generally, cricket has found category, test match of five days, one day match and 20/20 cricket. All over the world the game is under controlled by Internation Cricket Council. It was started from Britain on fifth century which is known as Anglo Saxon period. At the beginning the game was played by children using stick and ball, the game was attracted and played by young people on around 17th century only. When we see history of cricket it is said that ball for the game was made with the wool of sheep, the ball was thrown by one and attempted to catch by other. Later on the concept of wicket was adopted in which thrown ball was defended by batsman from strilking with the pole.

How word Cricket developed ?

It is believed that the word cricket is abbreviated from the dutch word Cric which means a stick which is used as bat and wicketin the game. In ancient tales like Mahabharat, it is also stated that God Krishna used stick to play Tel kasa like cricket.

Official initiation of game

Though the game was said to be played from fifth century, officially first evidence on cricket match is only seen on 1646 A.D. In history it is also mentioned that some pastors of Church were also punished for playing cricket and not attending church. The British William Goldwen published book on the rules of cricket on 1706. In that time there used to be two wickets and one over for two balls. Later on a book published on 1944 AD was written about two empires on a game.
Hambledon of England is the first cricket club established on 1760. Similarly Marylebone is second club established on 1787 AD.

In initial phase of cricket, a was rolled towards the wicket but after 1770 the game is played by throwing the ball which has been continued.LWB came with the rule on 1774 and onwards in a play instead of two wickets three wickets were placed. Three days match was started from 1780 and for the first time six balls were made one over.  Similarly, in 1870 the concept of Chauka and sixer was developed.

Entry and current scenario of Cricket in Nepal

Recently cricket is one of the most subject of concern after politics. Cricket of Nepal has got its recognition from the success in international matches. Additionally, Nepali cricket player is hired through auction to play in international forum have also aasured the better future of Nepal Cricket and team as awhole.

Nepal got victory on T20 World Cup which is a very big achievement for Nepali Cricket Team and was the milestone for future. 
Internationally 30 countries have organized cricket for visually impaired people among which Nepal is first to organize national level cricket game of visually impaired women. The national level visually impaired women’s Cricket match have encourage differently abled people especially women to participate in different outdoor games and have changed the social perspective towards them.

In leadership of Blind Cricket Association, visually impaired cricket team played friendly cricket match with Pakistan on 2008 and 2010. In 2012 December first T20 game organized in Banglore, India visually impaired Men’s Cricket team successfully participated. In that team, Bhagwati Bhattarai and Rupa Balal also actively played with men which was appreciated internationally.

Future of Nepal Cricket 

Nepal got membership of International Cricket Council on 1988. After 30 years Nepal was permitted to One day Cricket.
With initiation of one day cricket, Nepali Cricket has started new beginning, opportunities and challenges.

Despite of dispute on CAN Nepali cricket has been gaining success and has been appreciated all around. For coming four years Nepal will be having many opportunities hence it’s a high time to do something achievable.

In this scenario, this is a proposal of Dhurmus SUntali Foundation to make Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium with active participation and coordination with government, Community and private secotrs.

The project not only develop game and cricketers it also disseminates message for so many years ahead of lord Buddha that he is born in Nepal.