Integrated Model Settlement for Flood victims

The heavy rainfall occurred recently lead to devastating flood in several villages of Terai region. The detail about the loss from the calamity is yet to be come. As the social welfare and humanitarian organization, by the second day of flood the team from Dhurmus Suntali Foundation with the active leadership of Sitaram Kattel "Dhurmus" distributed relief materials in affected areas of Terai. In past years too, flood has taken many lives and affected livelihood in Terai region. Hence, for further prevention and saving life from flood in coming years, as a chairperson of foundation, he recently announced the plan of building Integrated Model Settlement for Flood Victims.

Dhurmus Suntali Foundation has distributed relief materials and stationeries for school going children of almost 65 lakhs in 23 areas of 12 flood affected districts in Terai. According to Kunjana Ghimire "Suntali" vice chairperson of foundation, the flood victims needs a permanent settlement after relief materials so, Foundation have decided to build the permanent integrated settlement with the fund raised by Dhurmus Suntali Foundation in the name of Flood victim of Terai. The detail about the budget estimation and location is yet to be discussed.

Arjun Neupane Project Manager of Foundation also shared that the settlement will be planned for the most affected population and selection of location will be done very critically so that flood in coming days won't affect so easily.

Along with the integrated Model village for flood victim, Model Nepal which was announced few months ago will be continued alongside. The infrastructure constructed by foundation is Child Friendly, Eco Friendly, Disable Friendly and Earthquake friendly, hence the coming projects will also follow the same concept.