Model Nepal

Model Nepal is an ambitious and ideal project of DhurmusSuntali Foundation after successful completion of four integrated model villages. A Model Nepal project will represent different specialities of cultures and ethnicities scattered in the hilly, Terai and mountainous regions. The concept of the project was disseminated on June 5, 2017 at press meet organized at Karki Banquet, Babarmahal.

S.N Offices provided permission and supported for project Letter submitted date date of permission letter
1 Godawari municipality- 4 and 5 2074/03/01 2074/03/06
2 Mahatgau Sallaghari Ban Upavokta Samuha 2074/03/01 2074/03/05
3 Laliguran Samudayik ban upavokta samuha 2074/03/01 2074/03/05
4 Bandevi Samudayik Ban Upavokta Samuha 2074/03/01 In Process
5 Chandol Masdada Samudayik Ban Upavokta Samuha 2074/03/01 In Process
6 District Political force ( UML, National Demoratic Party, Nepali Congress, Integrated Maoist Centre, UML Maoist, UML Maoist Biplap, Naya Shakti Party) 2074/03/04 र 2074/03/06 In Process
7 Godawari Municipality 2074/03/04 2074/03/06
8 Ward Committee(UML, National Demoratic Party, Nepali Congress, Integrated Maoist Centre, UML Maoist, UML Maoist Biplap, Naya Shakti Party) 2074/03/05 In Process
9 Ministry of Forestry 2074/03/06 In Process

After receiving the permission letter from Godavari Municipality-4 and 5, Mahatgau Sallaghari Forest Group, Laligurans Community Forest Group, the concept letter was submitted to Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation on Jun 22 2017.  Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation then made a correnpondence of consultation of proposed project with government bodies like Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Ministry of Forestry and Soil Conservation, Ministry of Urban Development and Land Reform upon which till date Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and Ministry of Urban Development has marked their agreement via supportive letter.

Running Works:

Offices related with projects :
Office of Prime Minister
Office of Chief Secretary
Office of Land Reform
Ministry of Forestry
Deparment of Survey
Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
Godawari Municipality
District Forest Office
District Administration Office
District Land Reform Office
All district offices of political parties

Few of the local people submitted objection letter about project on 2017 june 27. The team from foundation is on process to settle the misunderstandings among that group. 

Foundation observed some locations for Model Nepal which are as follows :

  • Lele/Badikhel Area, Godawari Municipality, Lalitpur

  • Tokha, Tokha Municipality ( 300 ropanis personal land)

  • Mulakot, Changunarayan Municipality, Bhaktapur

  • Bela Ban, Pachkhal Municipality, KAvre

  • Khawa, Dhulikhel Municipality, Kavre

  • Taramarang, 1500 Ropanis personal land, Melamchi Municipality, Sindhupalchowk

  • Kharidhunga Public ground, Dolakha

  • Aapchaur, Thanapati Village Development Committee, Nuwakot

  • 2000Ropanis personal land, Ramechhap

  • 1000 Ropani land of respectable Manohar Narayan Shrestha, Dhankuta

  • Personal land + Public Jungle, Palung municipality, Makwanpur
  • Madi, Chitwan

Foundation believes on physical development and other development related to human essential need after aunch of project in an area and new initiation of nation. The most deprived and under priviledged group will have safe residential area from Model Nepal, the concept will continue and encourage to construct integrated settlements from which tourism of nation will boost up, provides information regrading Nepal for those who wants to know or for researchers and helps in increment of national economic status.​​