Two months ago, Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation inaugurated Mushar Basti (Village) through hands of Comedian (Haribansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha). And by this date, 75% of construction has been completed, leaving 25% of final works to be completed before handing the village over to the people of Musahar Community in Nepalese New Year.

The foundation which finished 30% of the work by first month, has been working in rapid work rate. As per chairman/comedian Mr. Sitaram Kattel, the village will be ready at pre-determined time. He himself has engaged day and night actively to see the project completed. He further added that the work rate has been incredible and thanked everyone helping financially and physically to get this project completed. Even though the donation collection is not so rapid as the work rate, but nevertheless the foundation is getting support from Nepalese in and outside the country. Upon the information provided by Admin & Finance Officer Saroj Jung Khatri, the foundation has already received Rupees 21 million (Rs. 21,000,000) as donation from helping hands excluding around 10 million the balance leftover from previous project, Giranchour Unified Model Village. As per him, considering the work rate, expenses are at prime too. He further informed that more than 21.5 million rupees have already been paid for various expenses while around 900 thousand rupees is still due and payable to various sources and suppliers. Looking at the account, it can be confirmed that the foundation has already spent the amount collected various donor at around 30 million round figure. Thus, Mr. Khatri said, to complete the project at an estimated budget of 47.8 million rupees, the foundation is still in need of around 16.5 million rupees and requested all the helping hands to participate in this noble cause.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kunjana Ghimire (comedian/co-chairman) of the foundation said the foundation has been working with all dedication, keeping the excuse of financial crisis aside. She further said that the foundation is assured about being able to raise the needed fund. However, Mr. Kattel was bit cautious while speaking about financial part addressing his concern over the slow collection. But as determined as he always is, he said when the cause is right; there are always thousands of helping hands behind. Mr. Kattel, Ms. Kunjana and the whole team of foundation has appealed and requested everyone to support them in this campaign and help them complete the village by Nepalese New Year. They also requested organizations and groups whom they have requested for help officially towards fund collection and thanked every individuals, groups and organization in and outside Nepal for the support they have provided.

All the works of walls has been completed in the houses of the community with roofs on the verge of installing. Beside that electrical works, paintings, interior design completion, gardens, playgrounds, community hall, temple, internal roads, and compounds are yet to be completed. Various manpower, local Musahar people and group of volunteers are working rapidly to complete this project of “Unified Musahar Model Village”.