Our Vision

  • Eliminate inequality and inequity to make prosperous society 
  • Holistic development of society from self initiation and support from helping hands and hearts 
  • Active participation and involvement in issues and programs related to Education, Games, Entertainment and moral education with non profitable objective in sustainable development of society 

Our Mission
To develop strong coordination with government organizations, civil societies and related stakeholders to create healthy environment by eliminating immorality, poverty, discrimination, women violence, child labor, child marriage, social boycott etc.

Our objectives

General Objective
To work for humanity and social welfare as humanitarian non-profitable organization

Specific Objective

  • To reconstruct and relocate the community affected by natural disaster and help helpless to access in education, health, residency, sanitation and in ODF programs.
  • To minimize drug addiction among street children and youngsters by organizing various awareness programs.
  • To eliminate the discrimination prevailed to elders from family or society, single women, indigenous people.
  • To help community people with recue and relief materials on national shortage, epidemics, natural disaster.
  • To organize different entertainment programs on national conference, festivals and feasts.
  • To work together with like minded national and international organizations.
  • To participate in national, international and regional level seminar, workshop and conference.