Unified Musahar Model Village

Musahars are one of the under-privileged groups who are living in isolated community in Nepal. Altogether 53 houses, a temple, a children park, one parking area, a view tower, a community hall, and four public toilets, five public taps, four-meter-wide road and canal. The total cost for the project was 5,0436,860 (Five Crore Four Lakhs Thirty-Six Thousand Eight Hundred Six). 

Other information:
Project name – UNified Musahar Model Village
Project location – Mahottari-2, Bardibas
starting date of project – 2018 Jan 9
End date of project : 2018 Apr 14
Total period – 95 days
Number of household - 54
Total Storeys - 2
Area of Household – 3.5 dhur
Total Area of house – 872 sq.ft (ground floor 22*22, first floor 22*18)
Height of house – 19 ft
Number of rooms - four
Toilets – one inside home
Tap – One in each household
Area of rooms- 9*10
Nature of House – Earthquake resistant, flood/landslide resistant, disable friendly, Child Friendly
Benificial family number - 53
Typeof beneficiaries – most disadvantaged and underprivileged community
Total population - 375
Population per household - 5
Ethnicity – Majhi, Dusadh, Hajam, Musahar
Investment per house – 9 lakh 51 thousand six hundred 38 and 76 paisa ( with all infrastructure)
Total investment - Five Crore Four Lakhs Thirty-Six Thousand Eight Hundred Six
Total area of project – 15 Kathha
Coordination and Support – District Administration Office, Mahottari, Municipality of Bardibas, Land Revenue Office, Bardibas, Drinking water and sanitation Division, Mahottari 
Physical support – Sasastra Police, Quick volunteer, Volunteer Ministry Nepal and different voluntarily organization
Nature of project – A permanent resident for musahar untouchable, under priviledged, uneducated, unemployed with extreme poverty line
Supporting Organization and Personals - All Nepali residing at nationally and internationally
Constructed Infrastructure – 53 residential houses, a community hall, a temple, a children park, one parking area, waiting place, chautara, four public toilets, five public taps, four meter wide road along with canal and a view tower
Total collected financial support – five crore 63 Lakh 39 thousand one hundred 27 and 53 paisa
Amount saved – two crore 59 lakh two thousand two hundred 67 and 53 paisa


Beneficiaries information: 

S.N Name of householder Total number of family members Remarks